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Nutritional rehabilitation in eating disorders

Steering group:
Finland: Terhi Jokelainen, Registered Dietitian, MSc, MEd (educational psychology), Oulu University Hospital, Finland. Email: terhi.jokelainen(@)oulu.fi

Sweden: Cecilia Pettersson, Registered Dietitian / PhD student, Drottning Silvias Barn- och ungdomssjukhus, Göteborg, Sweden. Email: cecilia.pettersson(@)vgregion.se

Norway:  Dijana Stupar, Authorised Clinical Dietitian, Diakonhjemmet Hospital/Sykehus in Oslo, Norway. Email: stupar(@)gmail.com

Denmark: Mette Heide, Clinical dietitian, Børne- og ungdomspsykiatrisk Center Risskov, Denmark. Email; methei(@)rm.dk

Iceland:  Aníta Sif Elídóttir, Clinical nutritionist, Átröskunarteymi LSH, Reykjavik, Iceland. Email: anitas(@)landspitali.is

The aim/purpose of the NIG:
Challenges in normal eating, weight restoration and attitudes towards food are daily among eating disorder patients. The purpose of the NIG NUT is to share knowledge, ideas and experiences regarding nutritional rehabilitation practices in patients with eating disorders.  We aim to have a Nordic forum for discussion of the practices of parenteral / enteral nutrition, refeeding syndrome, special diets, obesity etc.  We aim that NIG NUT could be a group in which we could share experiences and ideas of meal planning, meal photos and recipes, and have collaboration in creating new nutritional counselling techniques and material. As we have a lack of scientific research in nutritional rehabilitation in eating disorders, NIG NUT also encourages researchers in the field for Nordic collaboration and carrying out projects on the subject.  Finally, we aim to create a consensus statement of nutritional rehabilitation practices in Nordic countries.

Terhi Jokelainen, terhi.jokelainen(@)ppshp.fi

Additional information:
Next NEDS congress in 2018: Main aim of the work during next years is to gather information for presentations of nutritional rehabilitation in each Nordic country in NEDS 2018. Based on those presentations we will continue discussion and possibly make a consensus of nutritional rehabilitation practices of eating disorder patients in Nordic countries.

NIG NUT will have an email list based on the participants in NIG NUT workshop in NEDS 2016. We also aim to have a closed Facebook group and/or forum in NEDS homepage where to share questions and ideas, as well. 

We want to reinforce that NIG NUT is not only for dietitians/nutritionist, but NIG NUT is gathering professionals of all the fields dealing with nutritional rehabilitation in eating disorder patients.