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NEDS conference 2022 – new dates

Dear Nordic colleagues,

we have a new date for you. The next Nordic ED conference will be arranged on September 7-9, 2022 in Oslo. We are so much looking forward to meeting you all again. We will open up the abstract submission system and the registration in the autumn, but please check www.nedsconference.com for any updates.

Before the conference, already in September 2021, we will arrange a webinar around the theme COVID-19 and eating disorders. The webinar will be arranged on September 15 in the afternoon. The program and registration link will be posted here as soon as the program and arrangements are ready.

NEDS 2020 – Mark your calendars (again)

At our last board meeting, we decided to postpone the conference due to the COVID-19 situation. After making some arrangements and investigations, we are now ready to present the new dates for NEDS 2020. The conference will be arranged on February 3-5, 2021.

As the conference now is approximately nine months away, you will have plenty of time to prepare abstracts and presentations. We did receive 35 abstracts within the deadline for submission. We want more! We will of course re-open the abstract submission system and set a new deadline. Authors of the already submitted abstract will have the possibility to revise or withdraw their abstracts.

We have also decided to postpone the society´s general assembly. It will be arranged during the conference and the current board will continue its work until then.

Please follow our website https://nedsconference.com/ for updates, new deadlines and other useful information.

Stay safe and take care of each other! We all look forward to seeing you all once the crisis is over.



Rasmus Isomaa, chairman of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society


Board meeting in Stockholm

The NEDS board met in Stockholm in the beginning of April. The main focus of the meeting was the upcoming conference and we managed to finalise the scientific program and attend to other important issues.

All author of submitted abstracts have been notified of acceptance or rejection, and the full program for NEDS 2018 in Reykjavik will be presented online at www.nedsconference.com soon.

The Early bird registration deadline is approaching, so if you are planning on joining us in Reykjavik now is the time to register.

Board meeting in Reykjavik

For the last two days the NEDS board has been in Reykjavik to plan and prepare for the conference next year. Reykjavik is a beautiful city and we hope to see many of you here in September 2018.

The conference will start on Tuesday (September 11th) evening with a welcome reception. The actual scientific program will start on Wednesday morning and end early afternoon on Friday. For more specific information on the program, please follow the conference web page www.nedsconference.com

We also worked with creating a more sustainable economy for NEDS and how to best support the various Nordic interest groups

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Board telephone meeting

The NEDS board held a telephone meeting on March 2. We discussed the NIGs situation. A letter has been sent to all NIGs to see which are still active. We also decided that the NIGs should send in an annual report of their activities. Deadline for the first report is January 31, 2018.

The planning of NEDS conference 2018 in Reykjavik is well underway. Keynote speakers have been contacted and the program is taking form. The theme of the conference is Eating disorders vs. healthy lifestyle. The webpage is up and running on nedsconference.com.

Please feel free to contact me, Rasmus Isomaa, or your National representative if you are interested in knowing more about the work of NEDS.




NEDS telephone meeting October 2016

The NEDS board held a telephone meeting on October 24th. We discussed the conference and went through the feedback. The feedback was for most part positive, but there were also some valuable lessons for future conferences.

Otherwise it is business as usual in the Nordic countries. Members meetings will be held in the spring and most societies are working on developing their websites.

AED will host its ICED conference in Prague in June 2016 and we hope to see many Nordic colleagues there.

The NEDS board will meet in Oslo in January to plan activities for the coming years. Please contact your National representative if you have any ideas for or inquiries about NEDS.

NEDS General assembly 2016

The NEDS General assembly was held in Helsinki Friday September 23rd during the NEDS 2016 conference. The board was granted discharge and a new chairman was elected. Rasmus Isomaa from Finland will take over after Mette Waaddegaard, who has been chairman for the last four years. The National societies elect their own representatives for the NEDS board (see Board to find out who represents you in NEDS).

Iceland was accepted as full member of NEDS and they will host the next NEDS conference in 2018. See www.nedsconference.com/2018 for a sneak peak.

The new NEDS board will now start its work and we aim to visit all member countries during the coming four year period. Do not hesitate to contact the chairman or your National representative if you have any questions regarding the activities of NEDS.

Board telephone meeting August 15th 2016

The NEDS board held a telephone meeting on August 15th. Here is a short summary of the meeting. More details are available from each National representative.

We mostly discussed the upcoming conference. Other than that we discussed preparations for the NEDS general assembly and the economy of NEDS.

Board telephone meeting April 2016

The NEDS board held a telephone meeting on April 28th. Here is a short summary of the meeting. More details are available from each National representative.

1. Recent Nordic activities:

  • A two-day meeting was held in Copenhagen on severe and enduring EDs and on personality and EDs. The Danish society has elected child psychiatrist Ulla Moslev as new chair.
  • The Norwegian society are working on their web site and are involved in writing guidelines on excessive exercise and EDs.
  • The Swedish society arranged a meeting around emotions and EDs.
  • The Finnish society arranged a one-day seminar on EDs and neuropsychiatry.

2. The board discussed practical arrangements in regard to the upcoming conference, e.g. rules of cancellation, one-day tickets, the gala dinner.

3. The NEDS general assembly will be held in Helsinki during the conference. The board is responsible for meeting arrangements and will prepare everything in advance.

4.  The board was informed via e-mail on the economy of the society.

5. The first World Eating Disorder Action day on June 2nd was discussed.




Board meeting in Helsinki

The NEDS board met in Helsinki February 4th 2016. The board focused on the upcoming congress and development of the society’s work. We got a tour of the congress venue and discussed practical issues. We reviewed the abstract evaluations made by the scientific committee and drafted the full program for the conference. All authors will be contacted during the coming week. We also started writing rules of procedure, a sort of guideline for the work of the board.

See you all in Helsinki in september!



The NEDS board (Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen, Inger Becker, Rasmus Isomaa and Lena Westin) in Helsinki. Missing from the picture is chair Mette Waaddegaard.