NEDS 2016

Dear Nordic colleague,
Thank you for taking part in the Nordic Eating Disorder Conference in Helsinki. The conference was a success and we proved once again, that the Nordic collaboration in the eating disorder field is alive and kicking. The NEDS family now includes all Nordic countries. We warmly welcome Iceland and look forward to the next conference in Reykjavik in 2018. Check out
The theme of the conference was Information and misinformation and the programme included 6 plenary sessions, 20 scientific paper presentations, 9 posters, 12 clinical workshops, and 5 workshops arranged by various Nordic interest groups.
The conference website for NEDS 2016 is no longer available, but the keynote presentations and the conference programme can be downloaded below. If you have difficulties remembering what happened during the conference, maybe this article by Yasmina Silén might refresh your memory.
The conference was arranged in collaboration with the company i2 and we can without doubt recommend them for similar events in the future. Thank you Annina, Christel and the rest of you!

Keep collaborating, keep researching, keep developing treatment methods, and start preparing your presentations for NEDS 2018.
Best regards,
Rasmus Isomaa
Chairman of the Nordic Eating Disorder Society 2016-2020
Keynote presentations
NEDS 2016 Programme

Clinton&Charpentier: What does evidence-based treatment mean for reality-based practice?
Arnold: Renegade Recovery: What it’s really like to recover from an eating disorder
Bulik: The Science Behind the 9 Truths about EDs
Gulliksen & Levallius: Who do we think they are? – Confronting myths in the treatment of eating disorders

Sundgot-Borgen&Bratland-Sanda: Eating disorders and exercise-from abuse to health & Athletes with eating disorders – to train or not to train?
Herlofson: A history of coercion in psychiatry

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