New year, new activities

Dear NEDS members,

In 2018 our biannual NEDS conference was held for the first time in Iceland. The conference was in many ways a success, but also yet again a learning experience for us responsible for the arrangements. 2019 will be a bit more relaxed for NEDS, since there is no conference this year. We have however started planning the next NEDS conference, which will be held in 2020 in Oslo, Norway.

The board is continuing its work via bimonthly telephone meetings and we also try to meet in person twice every year. Our next meeting is in Copenhagen in February and we will among other things discuss rules and procedures in relation to abstract submission and conference presentations.

The NEDS conference web site will soon be rebuilt to serve the coming conference. Stay tuned for news about important issues and activities.

Board meeting in Stockholm

The NEDS board met in Stockholm in the beginning of April. The main focus of the meeting was the upcoming conference and we managed to finalise the scientific program and attend to other important issues.

All author of submitted abstracts have been notified of acceptance or rejection, and the full program for NEDS 2018 in Reykjavik will be presented online at soon.

The Early bird registration deadline is approaching, so if you are planning on joining us in Reykjavik now is the time to register.

Diversity among Researchers and Clinicians in Eating Disorders

My name is Dr. Karen Jennings, and I am postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Chicago, working with Dr. Jennifer Wildes. Below is an invitation with a link to participate in a study “Diversity among Researchers and Clinicians in Eating Disorders” (IRB-approved). The purpose of this study is to survey clinicians and researchers working in the field of eating disorders and describe the diversity among these individuals.

Diversity_Invitation to Participate

Calling all European Eating Disorder Professionals!

Calling all European Eating Disorder Professionals!
March 8-10, 2018
Rome, Italy

As you know, our colleagues in Europe are working to form the AED European Chapter, and the first meeting will take place on March 10, 2018, in Rome, Italy.  Dr. Stephanie Bauer, AED President, will open the day and welcome
all delegates.

The first half of the day will feature outstanding presentations on the theme of Best Practices to Prevent and Treat Eating Disorders, by internationally renowned Eating Disorder professionals

The Afternoon will feature a business meeting for the adoption of bylaws, election of officers and board, and discussion on meetings and activities.

All European Eating Disorder clinicians, researchers, dieticians, nutritionists, and activists are welcome.  There is no registration charge for attending the March 10 meeting.

The meeting will be on the last day of the XI meeting of SISCDA – the Italian Eating Disorder Society.  Details on the full SISCDA meeting are here:

Register now for NEDS 2018

Dear friends and colleagues !

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Reykjavík, to the first ever held Nordic Eating Disorder Conference in Iceland, next September 12th to the 14th 2018 . It is an exciting time for our tiny Icelandic Eating Disorders Association as we are learning from and collaborating with the experienced Nordic Eating Disorder Society. The theme of the conference is Eating Disorders versus Healthy Lifestyle and we have many excellent speakers in the program. We hope you will all participate and take note that abstract submission opens on the December 15th.

Throughout the conference, we ask you to stay engaged and to network with other eating disorders professionals. While you are here, please take as well time to enjoy what our country and our wonderful nature has to offer. Whether you like city life or wild life, you can definitely find it in Iceland the days before or after the conference.

Registration is now open and we want to encourage you to plan your visit in good time to get better prices on flights and accommodation. For accommodation there are other options than hotels or guesthouses, like and Reykjavik apartments that are worth checking out.

With our best wishes for an enjoyable and successful conference. We look forward to seeing you in Reykjavik next year. For further information please check our website

On behalf of the organizing committee

Reykjavik  December 8 th 2017

Gudlaug Thorsteinsdottir MD

Chairman of the Icelandic Eating Disorder Association

Board meeting in Reykjavik

For the last two days the NEDS board has been in Reykjavik to plan and prepare for the conference next year. Reykjavik is a beautiful city and we hope to see many of you here in September 2018.

The conference will start on Tuesday (September 11th) evening with a welcome reception. The actual scientific program will start on Wednesday morning and end early afternoon on Friday. For more specific information on the program, please follow the conference web page

We also worked with creating a more sustainable economy for NEDS and how to best support the various Nordic interest groups

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Report from the board

Dear members,
here is a short report on what has been happening in NEDS during the spring. The board has held two telephone meetings, one in March and one in May. We are working on rules of procedure for the society to ensure continuity of our work. We have also been involved in the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) via the Partner and Affiliate Organizations Network (PCAC). Within AED we constitute a Nordic Chapter. We will be participating in ICED 2017 in Prague and try to inspire creating new organisations within the ED field, There will also be a meeting on creating a European ED organisation.

NEDS 2018 in Reykjavik is just over a year away and the NEDS board will meet in Reykjavik in the fall to assist the Icelandic society in creating a great conference. Please follow for updates.

Have a nice and relaxing summer!
Rasmus Isomaa and the rest of the NEDS board

World Eating Disorders Action Day

The Second Annual #WorldEatingDisordersDay will take place on June 2, 2017. World Eating Disorders Action Day (#WeDoAct) is a grassroots movement designed for and by people affected by an eating disorder, their families, and the medical and health professionals who support them. Uniting activists across the globe, the aim is to expand global awareness of eating disorders as genetically linked, treatable illnesses that can affect anyone.

The 2017 #WeDoActTogether theme and focus is on partnerships that move us forward as affected people, carers, clinicians, and researchers. Meaningful relationships and connections are vital to recovery.

Visit for more information.

ECED 2017 in Vilnius September 7-9, 2017

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing committees I would like to invite you to participate in the Vilnius meeting of the European Council for Eating Disorders.

For the first time an international conference on eating disorders takes place in the former Soviet region. The meeting will bring together specialists from all over Europe and beyond to share their knowledge, to discuss and debate new approaches, and to meet professionals from a part of the world where services are either under-developed or completely absent, where the desire to learn from European colleagues is particularly strong and where societies are still in the process of transformation from a totalitarian past to an open society based on the rule of law.

The main theme of the conference is Eating Disorders in Multicultural Settings, a very important issue in a multi-ethnic and globalized world where communities are increasingly diverse and as a result professionals are challenged to take a wide variety of socio-cultural aspects into account when providing state of the art treatment.

Board telephone meeting

The NEDS board held a telephone meeting on March 2. We discussed the NIGs situation. A letter has been sent to all NIGs to see which are still active. We also decided that the NIGs should send in an annual report of their activities. Deadline for the first report is January 31, 2018.

The planning of NEDS conference 2018 in Reykjavik is well underway. Keynote speakers have been contacted and the program is taking form. The theme of the conference is Eating disorders vs. healthy lifestyle. The webpage is up and running on

Please feel free to contact me, Rasmus Isomaa, or your National representative if you are interested in knowing more about the work of NEDS.