Nordic cooperation

The Nordic cooperation within the NEDS is organised mainly via Nordic Interest Groups. A Nordic Interest Group (NIG) can be formed in NEDS auspices if:
1. The NIG deals with an important (clinical andor research) issue relating to eating disorders. The main objective is to come together to create a Nordic network.
2. There must be a job description outlining the NIG work and goals. The job description shall describe background, goals, participants, and work plan for how the project will promote research about and/or treatment of eating disorders in the Nordic countries.
3. At least two Nordic countries must be represented in the NIG.
4. The results of the work in the NIG shall be circulated to all in NEDS. Every NIG should send in an annual report of their work (deadline January 31st). Use the annual report form below.
5. The NIG may seek funding from NEDS to cover the costs for travelling and accommodation in connection with meetings.
6. The NIG may seek funding from NEDS to arrange larger meetings around their theme in NEDS name. Any surplus from such meetings is divided 50/50 between NEDS and the NIG

Annual report form
Application form
Application form for funding