Binge Eating Disorders

Group members:
Yvonne Linné von Hausswolff-Juhlin, Sweden
Jakob Lauest, Denmark
Mia Falconer, Denmark

The aim/purpose of the NIG:
BED – knowledge and treatment is a new Nordic network for all professionals working with Binge Eating Disorder. As a newly recognized diagnosis in DSM-5 we see a great need to create a network with the purpose to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences within clinical BED treatment as well as scientific research across the borders of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It is our hope that mutual exchange of ideas, research and challenges will take place as an ongoing online activity as well as during an annual seminar. 

Jakob Lauest, Jakob.Lauest(@)
Mia Falconer, mfa(@)

Additional information:
First seminar will be hosted in 2014 (specific date still to be announced). The network is founded by Psykiatrisk Center Stolpegård, ViOSS – Videnscenter Om Spiseforstyrrelser og Selvskade and MD and Associate Professor at Karolinska Institute Yvonne Linné.