Multi Family therapy for Eating Disorders

Group members:
About 80 people working at eating disorder units in Norway: Tromsö, Bodö, Oslo, Tonsberg and Drammen; Denmark:  Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen; Sweden: Lund, Stockholm, Kalmar, Linköping and Umeå.

The aim/purpose of the NIG:
Multifamily therapy in the treatment of anorexia nervosa for the young patient was introduced in the Nordic countries six years ago. Today there are 15 centres in Denmark, Sweden and Norway that collaborate in the development and evaluation of the treatment method.
 It is a new treatment method in the eating disorders field, which need to be evaluated thoroughly. Therefore it is important to establish and develop a Nordic cooperation that might give support to the notion that multifamily therapy might contribute to make enduring changes for the young patient with anorexia nervosa, and thereby defend its position as a part of the basic treatment.

Ulf Wallin, Sweden (ulf.wallin(@)

Additional information:

  • We meet annually, and the last meeting is planned i Tonsberg, Norway. Delegates from Norway and Sweden attended the meeting.
  • We have a work group that have been working on a protocol for evaluation of the method.
  • We have a training course that now is a 7,5 point course at Lund University